Cake is a form of sweet dessert that is typically baked. In its oldest forms, cakes were modifications of loaves of bread, but cakes now cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple or elaborate, and that share features with other desserts such as pastriesmeringuescustards, and pies.

We supply birthday and anniversary cakes at Cakescty India. Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Celebration Cakes or any occasion, our Freshly Baked and delicious cakes are known for its Taste and Freshness.

Birthday Cake (1 POUND)

Rs 649.00

Birthday Choco Cake (1 KG)

Rs 1,099.00

Birthday Gift

Rs 1,999.00

Black Forest Cake (1 POUND)

Rs 649.00

Black Forest with Rocher Ferrero

Rs 2,049.00

Cake N Card

Rs 869.00

Choco Chip Cake (1Pound)

Rs 799.00

Choco Truffle Cake

Rs 699.00

Chocolate Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 699.00

Chocolate Fruit Slice Cake (1 KG)

Rs 1,350.00

Cream Rocher Ferrero

Rs 1,569.00

Dark Chocolate Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 699.00

Dark Chocolate Heart Cake

Rs 1,399.00

Designer Butter Scotch Cake

Rs 820.00

Designer Butter Scotch Cake (1 KG)

Rs 1,450.00

Flower Fondant Cake

Rs 2,399.00

Fondant Barbie

Rs 3,199.00

Forest Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 699.00

Forest Ferrero

Rs 1,499.00

Fruit Cake

Rs 750.00

Fruit Chocolate Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 799.00

Fruit Cream Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 799.00

Heart Chocolate Cake (1 Kg)

Rs 1,339.00

Heart Forest Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 749.00

Heart Shape Black Forest Cake (1 KG)

Rs 1,490.00

Heart Shape Ferrero

Rs 2,199.00

Heart Shape Forest Cake (1 KG)

Rs 1,490.00

Heart Shape Forest Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 749.00

Heart Shape Red and White Cake

Rs 1,499.00

Heart Truffle Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 1,450.00

Ice Cream Cup Cake

Rs 2,899.00

Love Heart

Rs 1,799.00

Pine Apple Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 619.00

Pineapple Cake (1Kg)

Rs 1,119.20

Pista Delight Cake

Rs 899.00

Red Velvet Cake

Rs 899.00

Roses Cake with Balloons

Rs 2,099.00

Rosy Scotch

Rs 1,319.00

Smiley Combo

Rs 1,599.00

Spiderman Cake

Rs 1,399.00

Truffle Balloons

Rs 1,199.00

Truffle Cake (1 KG)

Rs 1,299.00

Truffle Cake (1 Pound)

Rs 689.00


Rs 1,799.00

Black Forest (Two Tier)

Rs 2,599.00

Cake n Cap

Rs 969.00

Chocolate Butter Cake

Rs 775.00

Christmas Chocolate Cake

Rs 678.90

Delicious Pineapple

Rs 675.00

Fondant Cake

Rs 2,099.00
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